Consignment Agreement

1. Retained Fees: Sixty percent (60%) of the selling price shall be retained by Men’s Hangups, LLC and Forty percent of the selling price (40%) shall be made in payment to the consignor following the terms stated in this agreement.

2. Consignment Term and Pricing: All items are consigned for a period of ninety (90) days. Men’s Hangups, LLC will set all prices on all consignments pertaining to this agreement. Men’s Hangups reserves the right to run special promotions to expedite the sale of merchandise at any time. Permanent price reductions are as follows: - Items are full price for the first thirty (30) days. - Items are reduced to 25% off month two (2). - Items are reduced to 50% off for two weeks, then 75% off for two weeks in month three (3).

3. Discount for ACTIVE consignors: A 15% discount will be given on purchases of regular priced items at Men’s Hangups, LLC to all active consignors during the 90 day period they have consigned items for sale at Men’s Hangups, LLC. This discount does not apply to “No Discount” items, sale or clearance items.

4. Liability: Although Men’s Hangups, LLC strives to protect all consigned items, Men’s Hangups assumes no liability for the loss, theft, damage to or destruction of any item consigned.

5. Imperfect Merchandise: Items in need of repair or cleaning may be donated without further notice to the Consignor if the consignor does not respond within three (3) days to one phone call/message left.

6. Consignment Pickups - Consignors may pick up unsold consigned items one week prior to (7 days before) the termination date stated on this agreement. Items may not be picked up after the termination date- NO EXCEPTIONS! - Any items remaining at Men’s Hangups LLC, after the agreement termination date will become the property of Men’s Hangups LLC. - Consignors will be responsible for pulling all items they choose to pick up. - Early pickup of items is allowed.

7. Holiday Item Consignments: All Holiday related items consigned must be picked up on or before 15 days following the associated holiday. Any items remaining over 15 days after the associated holiday will be donated without notice to the consignor.

8. Consignment payments - Payment to consignors will be distributed Tuesday through Friday and are available on the 10th of each month or thereafter for the preceding month’s sales. - Store Credit may be taken for any balance due to consigner prior to the payout date. - Consignors will be responsible to pick up their consignment payments at Men’s Hangups LLC. Payments will not be mailed to consignors. - Consignment payments will be voided 90 days after the agreement termination date stated on this consignment agreement. Voided consignment payments will become the property of Men’s Hangups LLC.

9. Record Keeping and Follow-Up Calls It is the responsibility of the consignor to maintain all records of consigned merchandise. A computerized list of consigned items will be available for consignors to pick up within seven (7) days of consigning items. Consignors may call after the 5th of each month to confirm sales, pickups and contract termination.

10. Disputes and Resolutions: All transactions and resolutions to disputes will take place in Medford, Oregon at the expense of the consignor.